Table Linens - Spun Silk

Spunsilk Table
Spun Silk table décor in 6 high octane colors (Scarlet, Violet, Peacock, Chocolate, White and Avocado) is a surefire way to grab your guests' attention and pump up their appetites!

Products AvailableItem Codes
Spun Silk Placemat Avocado - 19x13"TAB-SPU-AV-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner Avocado - 90x16"TAB-SPU-AV-RN-9016
Spun Silk Placemat Choc - 19x13"TAB-SPU-CB-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner Choc - 90x16"TAB-SPU-CB-RN-9016
Spun Silk Placemat Slate Grey - 19x13"TAB-SPU-EY-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner Slate Grey - 90x16"TAB-SPU-EY-RN-9016
Spun Silk Placemat Peacock - 19x13"TAB-SPU-PE-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner Peacock - 90x16"TAB-SPU-PE-RN-9016
Spun Silk Placemat Violet - 19x13"TAB-SPU-PP-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner Violet - 90x16"TAB-SPU-PP-RN-9016
Spun Silk Placemat Scarlet - 19x13"TAB-SPU-RD-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner Scarlet - 90x16"TAB-SPU-RD-RN-9016
Spun Silk Placemat White - 19x13"TAB-SPU-WH-PL-1913
Spun Silk Runner White - 90x16"TAB-SPU-WH-RN-9016