Accessories & Basics - Ultra-Fresh Duvet Comforters, Pillows, and Pillow Protectors

These fluffy but not stuffy antibacterial down-like duvets will definitely spike up your snuggle quotient! Take comfort in this no-muss and no-fuss duvet that is fit for royalty! Please click here for more information.

Duvet Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen, King

Pillow Sizes: Standard/ Queen, King

Pillow Protectors: Std, Queen, King in 220 & 330 Thread Counts

For complete sizing chart, please see our Product Specifications page.

** Ultra-Fresh is a registered Trademark of Thomson Research Associates Inc. Toronto, Canada

Products AvailableItem Codes
Duvet TwinULT-WH-DV-1TW
Duvet DoubleULT-WH-DV-2DB
Duvet QueenULT-WH-DV-3QN
Duvet KingULT-WH-DV-4KG
Pillow StdULT-WH-LO-1STD
Pillow KingULT-WH-LO-2KG
Pillow Protector 220 TC StdN/A
Pillow Protector 220 TC QnN/A
Pillow Protector 220 TC KgULT-PR-22-3KG
Pillow Protector 330 TC StdN/A
Pillow Protector 330 TC QnN/A
Pillow Protector 330 TC KgN/A